Beautiful Glen Massan, Scotland

A week at Stonefield Farm Cottage, halfway up Glen Massan near Dunoon on the Clyde estuary. The River Massan was fining down after heavy rain and within a day had dropped a couple of feet and was showing its beauty.

Surprising days of sunshine and warmth alternated with sleet and driving rain but never so bad as to stop trips out and around. This was not a fishing holiday because three dogs were members of our group. We had put in kit for a chance to fish into a sea loch if there was a moment. Although the trout season opens on March 15th the local rivers are closed until May 1st and the season extends to October 31st. The lovely stream at the bottom of the drive is fast flowing and stone bottomed so we guessed that the brown trout will be small and very fit. Of course there may be a run of sea trout, grilse and salmon from June onwards if the water level allows.

For information about the River Massan

Our one fishing session was on the pretty beach at Ardentinny overlooking Loch Long. There was a slim chance of an early sea trout moving up the shoreline but we fished for anything. Jane focused on spinning and I watched a plastic lugworm and then a fresh whelk sit on the sand as the tide came in. We survived the showers and enjoyed the sunshine and discussed whether the big, soaring bird could be an eagle. We saw it again the next day and it was an eagle (Golden?); confirmed by a birdwatcher met on the beach.

Information on bird sightings around Glen Massan

This is a place to re-visit. The walks through the glen, the birdlife and the prospect of drifting a team of spiders through the glides are the attractions.

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